20 Round Bag of Mixed .45 ACP Steel Case Ammunition – All Sales Final


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Special Offer on 20 Rounds of Steel Case .45 ACP Ammunition
These bags contain 20 rounds of mixed brands, head stamps, bullet types/projectiles and grain weights of .45 ACP ammunition. This ammunition is accumulated from broken cartons or cases and is being sold as is, at a bargain price.

This variety bag of 20 rounds of .45 ACP steel case ammo may include full metal jacket, soft point and more varieties of projectiles and various grain weights. Not all bags contain the same variety of .45 ACP.

We only have a few bags to sell, very limited quantities.

Use Caution!

Closely inspect this ammunition before loading or firing.

A very small number of the casings may be damaged.

Some other calibers may be mixed in this package.

Be on the lookout for other calibers in the mix of ammo.

Not Returnable. All Sales are Final.

This ammunition is not Returnable for any reason, heck at this price why would you even think about returning it.