LaserLyte Laser Bore Sight Accessory Kit


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Product Overview

The LaserLyte Laser Bore Sight Accessory Kit has everything you need to get sighted in using your Laserlyte Bore Sight. The included polymer case also has molded locations for extra tools, including the LaserLyte .22-.50 Universal Laser Bore Sight and .17-.22 Mini Laser Bore Sight (not included). With LaserLyte’s Universal Laser Bore Sight, the Accessory Kit allows the user to level a rifle or shotgun, level the cross hairs on a rifle/shotgun, sight-in the firearm and even check it in the field after traveling or dropping the weapon. This is the ultimate kit for function, convenience and affordability. Laser sold separately.

Kit Includes:

  • Scope/Gun leveler
  • “393” Silver Oxide batteries (12)
  • 12-20 ga. shotgun adapter (only works with MBS-1)
  • .22-.50 caliber tool kit
  • Daylight target
  • Portable protective case


  • Laser NOT included
  • Keep all parts organized in the case
  • Level your crosshairs and gun
  • Works with rifles, pistols and shotguns



Product Information

Battery 393

Delivery Information

Shipping Weight 0.475 Pounds


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