LaserMax Laser Sight Glock

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Product Overview

The LaserMax guide rod laser sights for GLOCK pistols give you the additional convenience of a laser sight with not external additions to your weapon. Unlike all other laser sights, the guide rod laser is completely internal and simply replaces the factory guide rod and take down lever. With the guide rod sighting system there is no need to replace holsters, remove tactical lights or grips because the laser sight fits right into your current setup with no gunsmithing required.

Not only are these units convenient, but they are reliable and built with high quality material and Wolff Gunsprings, so you know you’re getting the best there is. LaserMax guide rod laser have been torture tested to Military and Homeland Security Specs including:

  • Blowing sand tests
  • Salt water corrosion test
  • 5-story drop to concrete
  • Extreme temperatures
  • 2-hour salt water submersion @ 66′
  • 20,000 round live-fire test

When you want the added confidence of a pulsating laser sight, the LaserMax guide rod lasers will provide exactly that. On the flipside, when you don’t want to give away your position or just don’t want the laser at the time, the guide rod lasers are not in the way and are easily deactivated for both right and left handed shooters.


  • Not compatible with Glock Gen4 Models
  • Laser beam diameter: 5/16″ @ 7yds, 3/4″ @ 25yds
  • Factory sighted at 20 yards
  • Batteries included
  • Distinct ambidextrous ON/OFF switch reinforces safe firearm handling



Product Information

  • Black
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Compatible With
Warranty 5 Year Factory Warranty
Batteries Included Yes
Laser Color Green
Battery Life 1 year under average use
Output 5MW

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Shipping Weight 0.342 Pounds – 0.500 Pounds

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