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Charlie’s brings you the crème de la crème — that is French speak, for the best damn Mk18(MK 18 Mod 1 ) money can buy.  You will notice the cute little accent marks.  That is how you know it is French.  haha.  But, this is better than any French rifle or upper receiver.  Charlie’s brings you exactly what the US Navy made back in 2001, when the Global War on Terror started.  The Mk18 actually got its 10.3″ barrel when the USN armorers at NSWC Crane were asked, “how short can we make this barrel and still use the NT4 suppressor and keep the bayonet lug?”  So, nothing magic about the 10.3″, it is just where the Pentagon landed when they need a short shipboard rifle to replace the M16s on board Navy vessels for enemy ship raids.

Now, if you are looking for the best Mk18 upper — as military correct (aka clone correct) — as money can buy, this is your spot.

— Colt M4 upper receiver. Mil-spec perfection. This is what you want. This is not Spikes, this is not Mega, or some cool looking yellow rifle upper, this is the real deal.  Currently, Colt upper receivers   with Cerro forge marked (keyhole) or Brass Aluminum forged (square mark).  The Colt Cerro uppers   not CAGE code marked, and the Brass Aluminum are CAGE code marked.  CAGE code marked receivers could have a very long extended wait time for your build, so be sure to ask.  Both Cerro and Brass Aluminum Company are Colt receivers, with interior top T-marks in white.  Generally, we will be using the CAGE code upper.  IF you want a Cerro, ask us (it will not have the CAGE code).

— Daniel Defense Mk18 RIS-II free floating rail, in perfect FDE proportion. Not Cerakoted, but anodized FDE.  Yes, Charlies got it for you. This one comes with period-correct FDE ladder rails. Nothing wrong with the black rail covers that DD makes now, but it is just not Mk18 correct.  The real McCoy.

— Colt complete bolt carrier group, mil-spec phosphated finish. Note: for effective reliable shooting with a 10.3″ barrel, you need a high quality bolt and carrier group, especially if you might be shooting rapid fire or suppressed. Colt is what our men and women fighting the enemy use and rely upon to save their lives. Yes, there is a lot built into a Colt bolt and carrier group that you will never need. But you got it anyway.  Some will ask about more details on a Colt bolt carrier group.  You shouldn’t.  They are all the same quality test fired BCGs.  Colt bolts are C-158 steel, MPI and HP tested.  The carrier are tool steel with staked gas keys and phosphated and oiled, and some have the “C” marked carrier, and some are plain.  That is just what Colt does.

 PRI gas-buster charging handle. This is the crème del la crème of military charging handles. Yes there is that French phrase.  Sorry.  When you are bustin’ loose with suppressed fire or something fast and furious like full auto or near to it, an SBR is going to kick your ass with smoke and gasses, and your wife will kick you out of bed. The PRI gas buster keeps the gas moving forward and out of your face.

— 10.3” Government profile chrome-lined mil-spec barrel with 0.07” gas port and carbine gas system, 1:7 5.56 NATO chambering, Chrome Moly Vanadium 4150 steel with a mil-spec phosphate (Parkerized) finish.  This is a factory barrel.  Charlie’s Custom Clones is using Colt and occasionally Daniel Defense, depending upon supplier availability.  Check with our team if you have a preference.  The barrels are identical.  There is no cost difference to you, it is a matter of which barrels are available at the time of ordering, and if you wish to wait.

The DD barrels are cold hammer forged.  The Colt barrels are button broached.  Both barrels have It has all the factory markings under the rail that you would expect from a Colt or Daniel Defense 10.3” factory barrel.  This barrel is very hard to get.  At Charlie’s we get a few of them each year that do not have an FSB attached.  The barrels come to us with and without front sight bases.  If we remove the front sight base, there will be a small groove for the front pin, but will be chemically blackened.

 Colt A2 birdcage flash hider is standard, but we offer your choice of both Surefire SOCOM and a Knights Armament (KAC) NT4 flash hider as upgrade options.

— Mk12 low profile gas block. Yes, the Mk12, which is one of two military correct gas blocks for the Mk18. Yes, extra cost, but you get the correct parts. We use Daniel Defense, Potomac Armory and Badger Ordnance, depending on availability.  We also offer the PRI design as an option, if you ask.  The PRI design is used on the Mk12 Mod0 and Mod Holland, and is a little trimmer at the bottom.  The barrel    dimpled at the time of installing the gas block to hold the gas block in place, and the set screws   set in red Loctite.  They are not going anywhere.  We get questions about pinning the barrel, but this is really not necessary.   The US military has been using this gas block with a number of 5.56mm weapons systems without issues for 20 years.  On the other hand, do not plan on removing

— Knights Armament (KAC) front BUIS. You get a factory new KAC 99051 taupe front folding sight, yes, the best of the best, again.

— Matech USGI rear BUIS. The real deal, not the Picatinny Engineering logo type, the military issue rear back-up sight. Nothing wrong with PE logo, I have them on another great upper, but for the Mk18, you want everything combat ready and USGI, or something dreamed up at Crane.

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