Original British P-1885 Martini-Henry MkIV Rifle Pattern A – Untouched Condition



Original British P-1885 Martini-Henry MkIV Rifle Pattern A – Untouched Condition

Original Item: Original British P-1885 Martini-Henry MkIV Rifle Pattern A – Untouched condition. Part of our exclusive discovery of antique firearms in the royal palace of Nepal. The great success of the P-1871 Martini Henry Short Lever Rifle had only been marred by the occasional difficulty experienced with the ejection of the spent cartridge from powder residue fouling the chamber.

The solution was the introduction of the P-1885 “long lever” model that provided great leverage for case extraction. In front-line service for only three years when it was superseded by the .303 cal P-1888 magazine Rifle, the P-1885 Martini saw principal use in Britain’s overseas colonial empire.

Official documentation tells us that approximately 22,000 Pattern A MkIV Martini-Henry rifles were ever produced, making this the rarest model of them all.

Approximate MKIV Production numbers:


A- 22,000

B- 40,000

C- 100,000

Every MKIV Martini-Henry rifle bears a date within the 1880’s.

Martini Henry Pattern A is a conversion of the Enfield Martini MK1.

Unique Features

1) Barleycorn on block front sight

2) Short knocks-form with a small blanking panel fitted

3) Additional “V” stamped to receiver and stock

4) Two rows of proofing marks under the barrel

5) Re-configured block with E-M marking

The below copy is courtesy of martinihenry.org-

On 15th Sept 1887, the first conversion was offered and the sealed pattern laid of the new MkIV rifle, a mongrel adaption of the existing Enfield Martini Mk1 pattern A. Gone was the safety catch and the quick loader, indeed all the Enfield Martini Pattern A, receivers had to be scrapped as the existing drill holes and boring rendered them unfit for conversion. Those barrels already in production, or fitted to arms were, re-bored and re-rifled with traditional Henry rifling at Enfield and Sparkbrook. The completed re-assembled arm required a re-proof of the integrity of the barrel, testimony to this action, two distinct lines of proof markings, firstly the .402″ then the latter .450″ proof.

The success of enhanced extraction of the longer lever of the Enfield-Martini Pattern B rifle was readily adopted for all MkIV patterns, those existing Enfield-Martini A pattern walnut stocks required the brass stock cup re-siting to correspond with the long levers’ tip. The process required a fresh recess hole to be drilled and the cup re-set. A purpose-made wooden plug was glued into the hole completing the process.

As the stocks were all removed there is no consistency as to which stock was fitted to A or B pattern, so they will be found on any pattern. Wherever possible the old components were re-used, and the “E-M” designation originally marked on many of the parts betrays today its original pedigree often scored through thus: E-M. The A pattern trigger assembly, designed to accept the E-M’s safety was reamed to remove the original configuration, whilst Receivers and buttstocks of the old pattern had an extra Roman numeral “V” stamped alongside the original “I”, whilst newly made but un-used components have a distinctive “IV” classification. A new pattern clearing rod, designed to spring into place and to be suitable with the use of the new steel jag was installed and the nosecap was redesigned, however, it was decided to retain to old pattern Barleycorn on Block foresight on the pattern “A”.

The “buckhorn” rear battle sight of the Enfield Martini was removed and a small panel was brazed into place to repair the knocks form, to complete the aiming adjustment, a conventional .450″ black powder graduated sighting leaf from the MkIII was fitted., The new MkIV was re-stocked with the old MkIII pattern fore-wood and the traditional side fixed bayonet bar was re-installed, whilst the Enfield Martini’s wooden hand guard was dispensed with in the process.

What does “Untouched Condition” mean? OK, this is exactly what we are offering: Genuine pre-1898 British-manufactured Martini-Henry Rifles that have laid undisturbed for well over 100 years in far from perfect storage conditions in the Old Palace of Lagan Silekhana in Katmandu, Nepal. Our DVD “TREASURE IS WHERE YOU FIND IT” shows these very weapons as we found them and the story behind them.

What you will get:

– Action
– Lever
– Trigger
– Stock [May have Cracks, Missing Chunks, Old repairs, Wood Rot]
– Barrel
– 2 Steel Barrel Bands
– Cleaning Rod
– Butt Plate

What you might not get:

– Screws [Butt Plate, Sling Swivel, etc]
– Sling Swivel
– Sight Leaf/Slide
– Other minor bits’

Typical Condition:

– Will show rust & pitting
– Will be covered in filth
– May not operate
– May be incomplete
– May have Cracks, Missing Chunks, and Old repairs.
– May be frozen in grime
– May have cracks and/or rot in wood

However, every British Long Lever Martini-Henry will be 100% genuine! We ask you to look closely at the photographs, the example photographed here is a typical gun that could expect to receive, read reviews, both good and bad, and only then place an order understanding what you are likely to receive. We want Educated Aware Customers. If it isn’t what you expect, that is fine, return it (before you attempt any restoration) and the full gun purchase price will be refunded to you, however, the customer will pay to ship both ways. Exchange for guns is not accepted and no exchange situation, so please do not ask.

We are not trying to sell you an incomplete weapon and then sell you the missing parts. We will do our best to make sure it is as complete as possible. One day we will also sell replacement parts, but that is in the distant future. We are not trying to frustrate you; we are trying to fill a void in the marketplace for genuine but affordable rare and unique antique weapons so that collectors and historians of all backgrounds can enjoy a genuine part of history.

These should be viewed as “project” guns, work on them with your Son or Grandson, clean them up, hang them over your mantle, or don’t clean them, they are impressive any way you see them. The price is affordable; the history is priceless.

Martini-Henry MkIV Rifle Pattern A – Untouched Condition

If you want to shoot it, DON’T! If you still want to shoot it, take it to a licensed GUNSMITH first. These are 100+-year-old guns, so be very careful, IMA sells these for display purposes only, they are not intended to be fired. Please buy our products, but do read the reviews and descriptions first. We feel you will agree that the recovery of old weapons from Nepal was a milestone for the collecting fraternity and we hope you enjoy a genuine antique weapon that has never been touched by any other collector than you.


Years of Manufacture: 1884-1889
Caliber: .577/450 Martini-Henry
Ammunition Type: Centerfire Cartridge
Barrel Length: 32 inches
Overall Length: 49 Inches
Action type: Lever Action Falling Block
Feed System: Single Shot

NOTE: International orders of antique firearms MUST be shipped using UPS WW Services (courier). USPS Priority Mail International will not accept these.


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