Original Early 19th Century U.S. 10 Bore Flintlock Smoothbore Hunting Gun with Full Length Figured Stock – circa 1810


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Original Item: Only one available. Most likely made utilizing mid 1700’s Dutch -Germanic lock and barrel, this long gun was repurposed as a hunting gun after 1800. This large hunting gun features a 49 inch long 10 bore barrel, and measures 65 inches in overall length. It is fully stocked in striped Tiger Maple with all brass mounts, This is itself decorated with brass side nail crescent mounts, and a wrist plate which appears to be of Silver and resembles a “TAILED HEART” motif.

The gun is in very good condition, though the stock does show old repairs and cracks from use. There is a crack through the wrist, and an area of the stock forward of the lock has has an expertly grafted in repair, made from the same curly maple.

Interestingly, the rifle is fitted with a “set trigger”, where depressing the rear trigger first until it clicks and just touching the front trigger discharges the weapon, hopefully with great accuracy. The system is fully functional at present, and does not show any finicky behavior has often seen. Note: the lock cannot be cycled or fired without setting the trigger first.

The barrel currently is fitted with simple Fixed sights, which are probably not the first set it has had, indicated by some empty dovetails on the top of the barrel. The stock contains a lovely original brass tipped wooden ramrod with iron cleaning tool

on the rear end.

Fully restored, as we received it, this long gun appears to have its origin in Pennsylvania. Very eye catching and hard to find!


Year of Manufacture: c.1810
Caliber: 10 bore – about 19.6mm
Cartridge Type: Ball / Shot and Powder
Barrel Length: 49 Inches
Overall Length: 65 Inches
Action type: Side Action Flintlock
Feed System: Muzzle Loading

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