Original Massive U.S. Revolutionary War Era Dutch – Germanic Flintlock Wall Gun with Mounting Hook – circa 1750 – 1775


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Original Massive U.S. Revolutionary War Era Dutch – Germanic Flintlock Wall Gun with Mounting Hook – circa 1750 – 1775

Item Description

Original Item: One-of-a-kind. This is awe inspiring, being so massive and all original, including the ancient worm holes on the butt stock! As the main picture shows, it dwarfs the standard Dutch infantry musket of the day. Rampart Guns, often called Wall guns, were large caliber smooth-bore muskets that were used in the 16th through 18th centuries by defending forces to break the advance of enemy troops. They were too heavy to be fired from the shoulder and so were usually rested on window ledges or low walls on fortified ramparts surrounding forts and castles, hence the names.

This example is of the Dutch – Germanic (Low Country) origin, and has a distinctive mounting hook welded on the bottom of the barrel. This would be used to hook over the edge of a wall, or to anchor the gun into a soft earth embankment. An example almost identical to this is described in the book Battle Weapons of the American Revolution by George C. Neumann on page 194, item 144.MM “DUTCH/GERMANIC WALL GUN”. Such weapons were definitely in the inventory of American Colonists during the American Revolutionary War.

It has a 56″ barrel with an approximately .94″ bore, somewhere between 5 and 6 bore, and is somewhat flared out at the muzzle. The gun features a huge lock measuring 8 1/2″ in length, which has the correct “faceted” flash pan, without a

frizzen support bridle. The frizzen itself is “squared” at the top in the typical European style. The gun is all iron mounted, with a vase-link trigger guard finial, and long curved tail side plate. The stock is also the correct style, with bulbous raised carving around the lock, side plate, and barrel tang. 

The lock is completely unmarked, as is correct for the pattern. There is the designation D : N 35 marked on top of barrel, however we are not sure what this marking means. Other proof marks are visible around the breech end of the barrel. We weighed the gun, and it comes in at just under 20lbs. Definitely a bit heavy to be walking in formation with!

The gun presents very attractively and as stated earlier displays ancient woodworm damage on the butt stock, which appears totally stabilized. Still, it should be handled with care. The metalwork is polished to a nice bright finish, making it very attractive. Overall it gives the feeling of really having been in service, though possibly not fired much. We checked the lock, and it holds correctly at half cock, firing at full.

Ready to display in any American Revolutionary War Collection, if you have the room!

PLEASE NOTE: We have photographed this Wall Gun next to its contemporary 60 Inch Long Dutch Flintlock Musket carried by the Infantry of the day, to show the immense size of this Wall Gun. The Musket is NOT included in this offering and is shown only for comparison. (It is available separately).


Year of Manufacture: circa 1772
Caliber: about .94, muzzle flared to 1.00″
Ammunition Type: Lead Ball & Powder
Barrel Length: 56 inches
Overall Length: 72 1/2 inches
Action: Flintlock
Feed System: Muzzle-Loaded

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