Original U.S. Civil War Era Cooper Double Action Pocket Percussion Revolver with 5″ Barrel – Matching Serial 773


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Original U.S. Civil War Era Cooper Double Action Pocket Percussion Revolver with 5″ Barrel – Matching Serial 773

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is a lovely Civil War Era Pocket Percussion Revolver, made by the COOPER FIREARMS MFG. CO.. The company was a competitor of Samuel Colt, and introduced this very neat DOUBLE ACTION Pocket Percussion Revolver to compete with the Colt 1849 Pocket Model Revolver. The striking advantage to the Cooper was it’s ability to shot from both single action and double action, doing away with having to re-cock the revolver after each shot is taken. Single action could still be used when greater accuracy was desired.

This examples in fine condition with some much of the original finish and fully intact markings. Made in FRANKFORD, PA. as stamped on the 5″ barrel, the revolver is 10″ in overall length. Patent dates starting in 1851 go up to 1863 so this particular example was produced during the last two years of the Civil War for Officer’s private purchase. Another important stepping stone in U.S. Revolver development.

This revolver is Five shot percussion, .31 caliber with a 4″ barrel. The serial Number 773 is clearly marked on the pistol grip, trigger guard, loading lever, barrel, and cylinder, making this a very desirable ALL MATCHING example. It is in nice tight condition with a lovely plum patina and just a bit of rust peppering. There is even some of the original finish fully intact under the loading

lever. Appears to be in good working condition and is nicely marked with the manufacture and patent information across the top of the octagonal barrel- 

PAT.JAN 7 1851 APR 25 1854 SEP. 4 1860
SEP. 1 1863 SEP. 22 1863

The walnut grips are in very good shape, with a lovely color and the expected patina of age. They still have most of the factory varnish present, though this has worn off the bottom, where there is also some damage and a chunk missing from the right grip scale. The revolver functions well in single action, with a tight cylinder lockup and good indexing. In double action the indexing does not work quite as well sometimes, and as with any revolver of this age, it can be somewhat finicky at times. The bore shows clear lands and grooves, with some areas of oxidation and fouling. The barrel frame connection does have a bit of wobble, and the barrel wedge slides out easily.

This is a very nice Cooper Double Action Pocket Pistol dating from the Civil War Era; a wonderful acquisition for any collection. Ready to display!


Year of Manufacture: Circa 1864
Caliber: .31cal
Ammunition Type: Percussion Cap and Ball
Barrel Length: 5 inches
Overall Length: 10 inches
Action: Double / Single action
Feed System: 5 Shot Revolver

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