Original U.S. Civil War Era French Modèle 1822 Percussion Converted Pistol – dated 1837


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Original U.S. Civil War Era French Modèle 1822 Percussion Converted Pistol – dated 1837

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available – As used in the U.S. Civil War. This started life as a French Modèle 1822 Flintlock pistol, one of the last flintlock models put into service. In the years since it was produced, it was both converted to percussion, most likely in 1837, which is the date marked on the butt plate. We can tell from the lock plate that there definitely used to be a pan and frizzen installed. There are some additional markings, which may be rack or unit markings.

The pistol looks to have been arsenal reconditioned at some point, and the metalwork was all buffed at this time before being blued. This unfortunately removed most of the markings on the pistol except for a proof marks on the lock and barrel. There is also a faded marking on the left side of the barrel, which may read “1834”. It is also very possible that the lock markings were originally removed on purpose, as it was very common for exporters to remove country markings so that the origin could not be traced.

Condition is very good, and due to the bluing quite attractive. We checked the lock, and it holds correctly at half cock, firing at full. The stock is in good condition, though it definitely does show wear from service. The original ramrod is present, blued to match the rest of the metalwork.

This a good representative example of the many interesting

European cast-off weapons that crossed the ocean to serve during the American Civil War, and would be a nice addition to any display of imported arms, having been updated prior to exportation.

In very nice condition, a French M-1822 Percussion Converted Pistol, ready to research and display!


Year of Manufacture: 1830s, updated c. 1837
Caliber: .69″
Cartridge Type: Ball and Powder
Barrel Length: 7 3/4 Inches
Overall Length: 13 3/4 Inches
Action type: Side Action Lock
Feed System: Muzzle Loaded

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