Hodgdon Titegroup Smokeless Gun Powder

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Titegroup Powder In Stock

Obtain optimum ballistic performance with Hodgdon® TITEGROUP® Reloading Powder(Titegroup Powder In Stock). TiteGroup is a spherical gunpowder that provides flawless ignition with all types of primers and is not effected by powder position in large cases (45 Colt, 357 mag, etc.). Hodgdon TiteGroup Pistol Reloading Powder gives top performance for cowboy action shooting, bullseye matches, and IDPA disciplines. It is a clean burning gunpowder with a mild muzzle report, that does well with low charge weights, and gives uniform ballistics.
Manufacturer model #: TG1.

  • Spherical gunpowder
  • Flawless ignition with all types of primers
  • Wide range of handgun cartridge applications
  • Mild muzzle report
  • Clean burning

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